I’m Published In New Zealand

As you might remember, a year ago in October I had something of a miracle encounter on Ballona Creek with a stricken gull whose injury most certainly would have proven fatal had I not been able to come to its rescue beyond my wildest imaginings.

Well, around the anniversary of that amazing incident, I got an email from a woman last month in New Zealand who endured a similar encounter with a gull that ended up on her deck, its beak entwined shut in fishing line. Unfortunately the gull flapped into the sea and paddled away to its heartbreaking fate before she could capture it. In the aftermath she got on the internet to see if anyone else had experienced a similar situation and found my post.

Deciding to write about it for a local magazine there she wrote me to ask permission to use a photo of the bird to accompany her article, which I didn’t hesitate to grant. She sent me the link today to the digital version of the November issue of Ponsonby News, and sure enough there’s my picture of the gull at the top left of page 90 (click for a larger version).