I’m A Glass-Almost-Totally-Full Kinda Guy

And here we are at the end of this inundation:

To you it may look like what amounts to just slightly less than 8.5 inches of rainfall collected between Friday morning and last night, but to me it’s sooooo much more. To you it’s but mere coincidence that I placed what turned out to be the exact-sized container required. But to me, mwaaa-haha it represents an innate ability to literally predict how much rain will drop.

Case in point? I coulda putta five-gallon jug out. Or a shot glass. Or a mason jar. Or a Bavarian beer stein (seriously, it’s from Bavaria). But nooooooo. Instead I subconciously put out this very piece of glass and — dare I say: miraculously — the rain stopped but millimeters from the top.

This is not serendipity, people. This. Is. Genius.

Don’t believe me? That’s understandable. So guess what sized containment device I’m gonna put out today? Trick question! The answer is none because by the newly discovered power vested in me I predict there will be no rain today in Silver Lake. Nada.

Scary, right?

No kneeling required, but now I completely know how Zod felt.