Timelapse: Twice Around The Silver Lake Reservoir

It started with a coincidental  bump into Sean Bonner at last weekend’s Silver Lake Farmers Market. Realizing he was back in Silver Lake (after living in Venice for a bit and galavanting around the globe for another bit), we discussed rebooting the Ride of Origin of the IAAL•MAF — of which he is the illustrious co-founder in perpetuitas. Said ride was the quintessence of Laid Back, usually consisted of a couple casual revolutions around the Silver Lake reservoir, more often than not at the break of day.

So last night, while bummed that I had to opt out of a “Scoot & Shoot” ride involving the discharge of firearms (legally at a range, silly) and Japanese noodles Bonner puts out a “Let’s Do This!” email suggesting a 6 a.m. start. As of late I’ve been out walking with my bay-bee at that odd hour, so I answer back that I could be there slightly after the actual break of day at 7 a.m. After that, I lost radio contact so it didn’t surprise me when I arrived at 7 a.m in the parking lot next to Spaceland on Silver Lake Boulevard to find no one else there.

I’m hoping to make a pretty regular morning habit of this ride — roughly done in about 25 minutes. So if you don’t have a genetic predisposition to such an activity at such an hour, think about joining me.