I’ve proudly tossed this pano I snapped yesterday morning up on Blogging.la, Facebook, Flickr and the wall of the Mobil Station bathroom on Silver Lake Boulevard and Bellevue. The reason I’m posting it here isn’t just because I’m incorrigibly redundant so much as incorrigibly interested in showing off the largest version of the image so you can see how much I literally lucked out. Seriously, I’ve been doing panoramas since the early 1980s and I’ve never achieved one as large and as detailed as this. Hell, in the fifth frame from the left you can even see a flock of gulls (probably somewhere about a mile away from my lens circling perhaps over the Silver Lake reservoir).

Unfortunately I kept getting an error trying to upload the 350″ x 38″ version to WordPress, which wouldn’t accept the file despite its 5.4 megs being well within established maximum size parameters. So the file connected to the thumbnail below represents a half-full-sized version at 175″ x 19″ — still pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

And along the theme “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way,” I’ve bypassed WordPress and gone ahead and FTP’d the full-size file to the server, viewable in all its 25294 x  2739 pixel glory. Hope you enjoy it (and I hope its loading doesn’t slow down the internest as a whole).