All 160 Photos Posted From Yesterday’s 2nd-Annual March March

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I couldn’t have asked for a better day, a better place to explore, or a better group of people within which to explore it. There was somewhere around 12 others old friends and new who set out for the Eastside from Union Station via the Gold Line on a journey that turned out to be mega-serendipitous, what with the chance meet-up a former chair of the Boyle Heights Historical Society as we walked past his house, the awesome Libros Schmibros lending library/bookstore opening up an hour earlier than usual for us, and — best of all — arriving in front of the closed off Breed Street Shul at the same time as a caretaker who was kind enough to allow us in for a wonderful look around the amazing place. Last but not least were the drummers and dancers we found performing at Ruben Salazar Park.

Towards the end, the group got seriously scattered, and when I arrived back at Union Station the young lady I was walking with was the only one to whom I got to say goodbye. I then debated for 1.2 seconds whether I should wait for anyone else to  say some farewells and thanks. I would have debated longer but my sore legs said “You know that thing above us — as in your ass? Yeah, well get it home and into a comfy chair.”

And so I split.

My full photoset is here on Flickr.