I Totally Forgot My Anniversary

No, not that one. The anniversary of my very first-ever official blog post: January 5, 2001. Yep, I’ve been blogging for 10 — count ’em! — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years. Back then I owned the lostangeles.net domain for no other reason than I like the name, and the blog was called re:collections — hand-coded by your’s truly. Back then there wasn’t much in the way of turnkey blogging solutions like Blogger or WordPress.

Back then I lived in Encino and worked at the LA Zoo. Given my penchant for helping out animals, surprise: my first long-forgotten post (stumbled accidentally upon in my archives) was about coming to the aid of a lost kitten (click the screengrab below for the bigger picture):

Six months later I’d move out of my apartment and in with my mother to save money and help her out with the mortgage/sale of her place. Scooter came with me but, despite spending the initial two weeks locked up in his new home to get acclimated to it, the first time we let him out was the last. He was never seen again. It’s another story entirely, but that led to my mom believing she found found Scooter in a shelter. But Scooter turned out to to be Pepper, who’s still with us.

Ten years… damn!