When Timelapsers Collide

A fellow timelapse documentarian posted his amazing 5,000-photo compilation of the second CicLAvia last Sunday (done on foot from downtown to East Hollywood), and if you haven’t checked it out you totally should:

I watched it through after I got home that night, but totally missed that I made it into the sequence near the end, like so from a screen capture (that’s me on the bike, having stopped to see why my friend Stephen Box was involved in an animated discussion with some LAPD officers about the dangerous manner city personnel elected to reopen the streets to vehicular traffic; click it for the bigger picture):

It wasn’t until my friend Elson posted a comment to the video’s YouTube page alerting me to my presence at the 5:03 mark, that it dawned  on me my own bike-mounted rear-facing cam was still snapping away. Low and behold, I searched through the files and found a frame taken of  him at pretty much the same moment as the one he took of me (click it for the bigger picture):