Happy Ending

A well-timed visit to the kitchen just before 1 p.m. today led me to find Jiggy uncharacteristically in it at that hour, and a moment later understood why when I saw the motionless hummingbird on the floor at his feet. Picking it up I was relieved to find it alive and at least externally intact, and it sat calmly in my palm while I retreated to my desk and made the following little video:

Given its strong heartbeat but unwillingness or perhaps inability to move, I figured it was a hopefully uninjured just-fledged chick and brought it out to the backyard where I heard and saw several other hummingbirds, none of whom displayed any maternal interest… leaving me realizing it would be next to impossible to find the nest and thus facing the daunting task of caring for it or more likely get it to someone such as great folks at Animal Advocates, who are far better equipped and informed.

But shortly after the above photo was snapped, as the bird naps in my hand while its abductor lounges triumphantly in the background on the patio, the little bird suddenly solved the entire dilemma by perking up out of nowhere and flying strongly off and out of sight. Yay!