There’s no way I can prove to you that I didn’t just walk up to the board and place these darts where you see them. Nor is there any way or anyone to corroborate that I did indeed land those three bullseyes in consecutive throws: one double and two singles. But I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t.

Because I did just that: one, two, three.

I had walked out the back door with darts in hand initially intent on throwing a few rounds. Then I saw the latest batch of scattered unripened figs that had fallen or been half-eaten and squirrel-flung to the patio and stepped to the line distracted by the mess. With three decidedly casual overhand tosses that had entirely no regard for proper or disciplined throwing form, coupled to a mental focus less on the board and more on picking up the grounded fruit, I landed the bullseyes three in a row. Single, double, single.

Then I forgot all about the figs and realized gape-mouthed and substantially giddy how easy it can be to do something you’ve long thought near impossible when you mentally get out of your own way.. and how hard it can be to mentally get out of your own way.

Then I picked up the figs.