Morning Snap: Portrait Of Stoic Glumitude

(click it for the bigger picture)

Poor Ranger. It’s been more than two weeks since her right anal gland ruptured copycatting her left one which did the same thing at the end of February, both requiring surgery. Her left one had healed up well, but post-operation of the right one an infection set in that made her butt look positively baboon-esque in redness and sent her temperature into dangerous 104-degree territory. The wonderful Dr. Filipescu at Echo Park Animal Hospital first kept her a couple days for regular temp checks and antibiotic shots — all gratis — and that transitioned into daily visits this past week.

The good news is that her backside has lost its very angry color and her temperature as of yesterday was down to near normal at 101.4. The bad news is only that Ranger has to endure the inflatable collar for another week until her stitches come out next Friday, then one more dog-tongue-free day just to give the area a chance to heal up that much more.

Ranger’s been a trooper throughout — far moreso than if she’d been forced to endure those effective-if-medieval cone collars. But still, as exemplified by the resigned-though-resolute air she exudes in the pic I snapped of her in the club chair above, she’s almost accepted that she’ll have to wear the damn thing forever.