Found Cat

If you’re in my Silver Lake neighborhood (south of Sunset Boulevard between Parkman and Benton Way) and are missing this very people-friendly (but not very cat-friendly, though amazingly crate-trained) tortoise shell calico cat (I’m guessing female), it’s safe and ready for pick-up. Send me an email at Or get me on Twitter: @wildbell.

If you’re not missing a cat but are in the 90026 area please help recirculate this info by retweeting/ reposting it. Thank you.

More photos here.

UPDATE (5:40 p.m.):

UPDATE (6.17): Good news! Got a call from the manager of an apartment building up the street who saw my post to a local email list. He recognized the cat and thinks he knows the tenant to whom the cat belongs. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE (6.17 at 2:49 p.m.): Uncross the fingers. Turns out the tenant who contacted me isn’t the guardian but someone who had seen the cat around his building and was considering adopting it, but hadn’t made up his mind. At this point he’s thinking it’s not an option, but he’s going to consider it and let me know.

UPDATE (6.18): Echo Park Animal Hospital was kind enough to scan the cat for a microchip, so at least that’s no longer a question mark: she doesn’t have one. The neighbor initially interested in adopting the cat says another tenant in his building might be contacting me about making her a part of their family. I broadened the territory by flyering the blocks to the east and west of mine. And lastly, all the cats are calmed down and on much better behavior. Still not a whole lot of interaction, but she’s allowing them to be in the same room (even only a few feet away) without hissing and growling.