And Now A Scene From Our Next Episode of Masterstreets Theatre

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I love finding random stuff. Some litterbug’s trash is my momentary treasure. Even moreso when it’s just chock-full of unintentional irony, such as this second page of a brief scene discovered this morning in the gutter in front of our house. Why ironic? Well, being someone who makes valiant attempts to minimize the use of my automobile I found the stuff in one of its car-cultcha characters, Russell, ‘fessing up to something of an addiction to excessive driving (though it’s probably a lie to cover up what he’s actually doing). To further the fun, it looks as if the page has been tread upon by a vehicle tire.

Perhaps these were sides used in an audition for this unfunded yet purportedly upcoming Silverlake [sic] 90026 pilot?

If so and otherwise just for the hella, here’s an audio of me undertaking not one but both deeply dramatic roles: