What A Coincidence

It was a few weeks ago that I was heading down the front steps of our house to return a folding chair to its storage place in the garage when at that exact moment I looked up to find a Google Streetview camera car passing by on its southbound way down our street. So I waved.

I remember checking a couple weeks later, but the Streetview image that was still available was from at least two years ago. Then on a lark I checked this morning, and well… would ya look at that (click it for the bigger picture):

In a way I guess you can say I’ve been Googled.

A couple doors further down when zoomed in you can vaguely find me just about to enter the garage with my cargo:

Oddly, the image in the middle of these two shows the garage door fully down and me nowhere to be found. Now ya see me. Now ya don’t.