On the occasion of my cousin Margaret’s last day in Los Angeles before flying home to Nashville, I picked her up from my mom’s to show her some sites, and we ended up doing more than I expected:

Watts Towers
Central Avenue Jazz District
Central Library
Disney Concert Hall
Angels Flight
Grand Central Market
Million Dollar Pharmacy
Million Dollar Theater
Bradbury Building
Pershing Square
Biltmore Hotel
Olvera Street
Union Station

We really lucked out in that Disney Hall was offering access to its auditorium since the philharmonic was practicing at the Hollywood Bowl:

We headed south on Grand and caught the Angels Flight back down to Hill Street where we strolled through Grand Central Market to Broadway. After a visit to the awesome botanica-ness of the Million Dollar Pharmacy, we found the gate to the Million Dollar Theater half-up and though I was hesitant to try the lobby doors, Margaret had no reservations and found them unlocked. With the permission of a gentleman stationed near the concession stand we were able to admire the auditorium’s unique circular design.

After that we wandered back to the library via Pershing Square and the Biltmore and made our way to Olvera Street for lunch followed by a walk through of Union Station before getting her back to my mom’s. Awesome!