Timelapse: Los Angeles River East Bank/Bed Ride, No. 247

No, not really Ride No. 247 down the East Bank, but it’s certainly become a go-to for me of late. Guess I’m catching up for not discovering it earlier in my biking life.

Anyway, this past Tuesday morning for the latest in my increasing string of East Bank/river bed rides I was joined by a fellow named Errin who I follow on Twitter. He tweeted me that he wanted to take his awesome new Salsa Mukluk into the LA River waters and we made good on plans to meet up for a ride that ended up taking us down to the 6th Street Bridge and back. It was a pleasure meeting and riding with him (and I’m totally jonesing for a Salsa Mukluk of my own now):


I’ve also pulled some still from the footage, viewable here on Flickr.

And a heads-up: Errin and I are planning on bike-salmoning up the Arroyo Seco’s bed from its confluence with the Los Angeles River next Tuesday morning. So if you’re willing and able, let me know.