Southside Sunflower Report

Well we finally have bloomage:

Of the eight sunflower seeds planted in the two boxes hung off the southside stairs in June, six have grown, with the first having started its reveal yesterday (above how it looks this morning; click it for the bigger picture). Now the question is if it can avoid decapitation by the squirels long enough to serve the bees.

It’s been interesting to see how each of the flowers have individually grown, with each of the six surviving seeds progressing at markedly different rates.  It’s a safe bet that of those four seeds planted in the left box, two were just entirely overpowered by the co-sewn basil (that grew like krazee!), and the two survivors were somewhat stunted. The flowers on the right went four for four I’d guess because the cilantro planted with them didn’t take off like the basil.

Not to get too skeptically analytical, but given how historically few have been the bees seen on this side of the house (compared to the north side), I have my doubts as to how many might find these blooms. But then again, nature has a way of finding a way.