Squash Switcheroo

Yeah so… as you can see things are progressing quite nicely within the confines of the backyard pumpkin patch, I first (and last) reported on at its very beginning August 20. Ten of the 14 seeds planted have risen.

Except… I didn’t plant pumpkins. Apparently I planted butternut squash, instead. I make that admission based on the shape of the decidedly unpumpkin-like and very much butternut squash-looking vegetables that are growing, like so:

Short story: Mistaken seed identity. Elaboration: After harvesting the seeds from the sole pumpkin produced last October, I put them in a little saucer on the kitchen window sill. Then at some point I also harvested the seeds from a store-bought butternut squash and put them in another saucer on the same sill. There they both sat until last month. Since the two seeds look practically identical, when I got around to planting them in August, the silled and saucered seeds selected and sown that I supposed were pumpkin soooooo weren’t.

Delaying realization of the mix-up was the fact that they grow pretty much the same, have the same shaped leaves and put out the same orange blossoms. But as the above-pictured nubbin (the largest of several other sub-nubbins) has progressed, its shape has forced me to come to grips with the distinct possibility that I pulled a squash switcheroo on myself. Sigh.