Rest In Peace, Alan Deane

There was a bike ride on Sunday in Pasadena I wish I’d gone on. It was done in the memory of cyclist Alan Deane, who was killed on his 61st birthday, September 22, struck by a car while riding in Pasadena. I knew about his death and I knew about the ride — I even thought about going as late as a couple hours before it began, but didn’t because it was Sunday and I was lazy and there was football on and I was lazy and it was Sunday.

The reason for my after-the-ride guilt is that it turns out I met Alan. On Bike To Work Day in May 2009. It wasn’t the wonder of my memory that allowed me to recall the chance encounter at a pitstop in Glassell Park, it was the wonder of the internet, via my friend Waltarrrr who tweeted:

I have absolutely NO clue how Waltarrrr dug that needle out of the haystack that is my haphazard collection of timelapsed rides — much less the entire youtubernet — but sure enough there the two of us are, timelapsed between 0:58 and about 2:04, in and out of frame engaged in conversation, a large part of which was spent offering him up alternatives when he asked about the best way to get to MacArthur Park.

Very nice guy. Meeting him helped remind me that one of the joys of biking is the opportunity to meet members of the LA bike family. And we are all family.

It’s funny though. I remember when I was readying the clip for upload to YouTube, I thought about cutting out out most of that segment, because frankly two old dudes standing around for more than a minute isn’t the most compelling thing to watch.

Now I’m glad I didn’t.

Because in its handlebar-mounted herky-jerkiness, that footage keeps Alan alive, and in the midst of doing what he loved.

The above is a still of Alan (click it for the bigger picture) and his bike from my video immediately upon my arrival at the pitstop. I can’t remember whether I said something to illicit the smile or if that’s just how he greeted a fellow pedaler, but I’ll bet it’s the latter.

Rest in peace, Alan.

UPDATE (3:58 p.m.): Scott of Tropico Station blog clued me in that another group ride remembering Alan as well as Jocelyn Young, a 24-year-old killed September 18 while also cycling in Pasadena, will be departing tonight at 9 p.m. in Glendale. I’m going to do my best to join them.