Go Fish

Getting back in the saddle (after not riding yesterday on account of the rain) I rolled out what’s becoming my standard 12.65-mile route to the LA River and back. On the river bikeway when I came under the Fletcher Drive bridge I caught sight of a great blue heron at the water’s edge looking for a snack and I caught it finding a couple on camera:

Later on and about a mile or so downstream and much to my amazement, a passing osprey cruising upstream less than a hundred feet above the river, opted to grab a resting place in a bare tree nearer to the opposite bank. I commenced an extended marveling session and snapped way too many pictures. Much to my disappointment my new Olympus camera must’ve been set on macro because the least crappy shot I got was (click to doublify, but it doesn’t get any better):

Such a shame to let such a rare sighting go so poorly documented.