Emergency Pumpkinectomy!

One of the gourds Susan brought home from the store this past weekend had a nick in it, and sure enough, by this morning that superficial cut had turned into a super squishy infection, requiring immediate and major surgery if there was to be any chance of it taking its place on the front steps as any sort of jack o’ lantern.



I don’t get all into carving pumpkins until no sooner than a day or two before the big nigh, so honestly, after the nasty section was removed I wasn’t really in the mood to cut something creative on the pumpkin’s other side, so I improvised with a little plastic pumpkin we have laying around, which fit perfectly and grumpily inside the patient:

Bonus image: here’s where the spookifications of the frontyard presently stand (click to monsterificate):

Other than a few decorative bits and pieces, the main thing left really is the electronic stuff… fog machines, sound equipment, strobes.