Happy Halloween: Thinking Outside The Pumpkin

A best-ever awesome trick-or-treater turnout under wonderful weather, and bonus: my extensive and tangled serpentine chains of extension cords didn’t blow the power out or catch anything on fire!

But now a word about my favorite jack o’ lantern (click it for the bigger picture):

Totally improvised. I’m not sure what species of pumpkin but it was badass tough — practically bulletproof. Seriously, there was no way my meager set of carving implements was going to penetrate that exterior. So instead, after cutting the lid off with a butcher knife and a hacksaw, I went artso-fartso, drafting into duty six sugar skulls as guards mounted upon tea lights on the gourd’s outer wall, and featuring Susan’s “Lady of Guanajuato” (her lovely and VERY fragile clay calavera figurine that she purchased during her first visit to Mexico), rising up from the pumpkin’s well-illuminated interior.

I have a timelapse of the promenade of visitors and pix detailing the decor, but for now on this day after I’ve gotta get busy taking it aaaaaall down.