Backyarchaeology: Casing Closed

Three years ago — almost to the freakin’ day — I was surprised to unearth a spent bullet (pictured above, click it for the bigger picture) from our backyard that never ceases to amaze and mystify. Back then I dwelt a spell not only the projectile’s potential caliber, but also the probable circumstances and potentially chilling results that might have transpired for it to have been fired — and at what… or whom!? Let’s hope it was a what and not a whom!

This afternoon, I didn’t even have to dig to find what I did. I just happened to look down at the ground after pulling a fossilized palm frond down from the fig tree branches it had hung in for who knows how many years, and laying there as if it had been strategically placed was what I first thought to be the end of an old fuse. But after cleaning off the years of crud from the surface around its base the telltale “38 S&W” was revealed along with a deep centerfire indentation left by a firing pin, meaning what I discovered could very well be the spent 38 caliber Smith & Wesson casing for that bullet — or if not that specific bullet, maybe another one… waiting to be found (click the thumbnails for the bigger pictures):


Pardon the pun, but I’m just blown away.