Summer In November

Today was just an absolutely spectacular day. Highs in the 80s, blazing bright sunlight, visibility that seemed to be broadcast in high-definition. So since there’s no better conditions in which to go rolling in the river than in the days immediately after it gets a good storm scrubbing, I got the hell out of the house with the mountain bike and did what’s become a typical river rat run from Fletcher Drive down to the 7th Street Bridge and back. Only this time when I arrived back at Fletcher, I kept going upstream along the Los Angeles River’s east bank and in the water to go under the Hyperion and Los Feliz Boulevard bridges — something I first and last did, oh… 21 years ago. Back then there were actual rusting hulks of derelict automobiles in the river. Now it’s a bit more welcoming, as seen in this timelapse of the last four miles up and back alongside Atwater Village (overall route: 17.27 miles):

At the other end of the ride, I stopped and mused about the future of the cherished 6th Street Bridge: