Timelapse: All-City Toy Ride

I had my Electric Santa suit brighter and more elaborate than ever and last night was a great night for what should have been another (the 6th-annual) great Midnight Ridazz All-City Toy Ride from Highland Park to Olvera Street. But after all the rides from around the city had converged on the historic Plaza gazebo and set out for a celebratory ride through downtown onward to the post-ride party venue south of the Arts District, I went from joy to sadness at Pershing Square where I was stopped by a pair of LAPD officers who claimed I failed to stop at the red light at 7th Street and Olive. Singled out because of my shining wardrobe choice, they told me. Like moths to a light bulb.

Clicking to biggify will match these officers' ego sizes but there's nothing that can be done to increase their diminuitive stature. Guess they're just making cops small these days.


Afterward, with my good spirits suitably assassinated I was of a serious mind just to go straight home from there. But I decided to save the anger for later and instead continued on to the donation destination where I dutifully dropped off my toy that I know some kid out there somewhere will enjoy. But since that $12 kite had become astronomically more expensive for me I was in no celebratory mood so I bailed from the venue and rolled home.

Merry Christmas LAPD, Thanks for the “gift.”

Oh and that anger I opted to pack away for later is in full effect this morning after. Time may dull it but being so inappropriately burned right now I’m all for torching bridges and scorching earth: the santa suit is headed for the trash and it’ll be a looooong time before I’m found pedaling in any mass night rolls (toy rides or otherwise).