Cheerio! Pip Pip! And All That Jazz!

As seen here nibbling a cheerio on New Year’s Eve eve, this mouse — one of two rescued the day after Christmas from certain death by our dog Ranger from our cat Jiggy — took a drastic turn for the worse after the smaller of the pair disappeared (by chewing an escape hole through the box in which they were kept). I thought for sure this remaining mouse was a goner, but after transferring it into a more secure enclosure and providing it with shredded paper to nest in as well as a plush toy to cuddle with, it’s rebounded beautifully — much to my amazement and joy. Barring any relapse it is scheduled to be released back into the front yard ivy New Year’s Eve night, where it might join up with its far less patient rescue partner, who I like to think avoided all of our cats and found a way to freedom.