Yesterday, Susan forwarded me an amazing video (embedded at the end of this post) sent to her that captured an unbelievable interaction with mountain gorillas and a trekker visiting Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest last month.

Reveling in that magnificent experience I dove into my external hard drive in what I figured would be the latest in a series of attempts in vain over the years to find the Quicktime version of a DV tape made of one of our most memorable mountain gorilla encounters when Susan and I visited Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park during our honeymoon in 2005.

Well, the 453rd time’s the charm because this time I found it in all its low-res glory (who knew that cryptically naming a movie file “” would make it next to impossible to find when searching for logical keywords like “rwanda,” “gorilla” and “africa”).

Of course, the close encounter Susan and I shared above doesn’t come even close to the hands-on (literally!) interaction that luckiest man in the word got to experience as seen below, but if nothing else it was the catalyst in me finally re-discovering and sharing ours.