Watts Happening Ride 2012: The Spokecard Art Is Here

I haven’t done much here in way of tooting/touting my upcoming bigger-and-better-than-last-time’s Watts Happening Ride next month, but I figured since I slapped together the spokecard art yesterday, why not start the tooting/touting now:

Basic details — When: February 18 at 9 a.m. Start/Finish: Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign at the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard & Benton Way in Silver Lake. Approximate time to elapse: 5-6 hours. Total distance: 32.95 miles.

Optional partial ride: If doing the full ride isn’t feasible, consider joining the ride at approximately 9:30 a.m. downtown on Spring Street (anywhere between 2nd & 9th streets) for the roughly 9-mile segment to the Watts Towers. The 103rd Street Blue Line station is near to the towers and can be an alternative to get you back into downtown.

The Facebook event page is here. The complete route map is here.