Count Blockula

While I couldn’t find any listing of it on the LA County Bike Coalition website, I heard it through the blogvine via Green LA Girl that the LACBC is in need of volunteers tomorrow to help count cars whose drivers park them in the first-of-its-kind-in-LA Spring Street buffered bike lane, exactly like this specimen I had to go around last week — with bonus points for it being double-parked next to a CHP cruiser, no less (click it for the bigger picture):

I saw that the driver was sitting somewhat stupefied and immobile behind the wheel as I approached, perhaps mesmerized by the bright green paint he was straddling that extended seemingly to infinity from the front of his sedan. But my pointing out his infraction spoken to him through the open driver-side window while passing, snapped him out of his trance.

You’re blocking the bike lane,” I said.

“Go to hell,” he said a second later, where it bounced harmlessly off my back as I eased back onto the green.

Not too long ago, as many of my past bike buddies can attest, I might have taken that personally and RSVP’d to his invitation with one of  my own urging him to meet me there, but nowadays I’m all grow’d up now and instead of letting the jerks crap on my ride, I just ride on past the jerks’ crap.