Look! Up In The Sky! It’s A Mystery Plane! And There It Is Again. And Again. And Again.

G’head call me crazy or paranoid, I can take it. But I took the above photo at 4:27 this afternoon, of that small white single-engine aircraft (whose ID numbers on the fuselage are just beyond readability, dangit) because it has been traveling at low speeds in the same circle at what I’d guesstimate to be a half-mile radius up there somewhere between 1,500-2,000 feet: All. Day. Long. Literally going nowhere slowly.

And by all day long, I mean that I first heard/saw it this morning — and since then strangely enough the number of other usual craft (helicopters and planes) throughout the day has been next to nothing.

By the drone of its engine that’s just come into my ears’ range for the untold time, here it comes again. And there it goes.

What the hell’s going on up there? Could it be connected to security related to Michelle Obama’s visit?