Backyard Drama: Treed Cat Untrees Itself

A neighborhood cat trespassed in the wrong backyard this morning and Ranger managed to bolt out the backdoor and get the drop on it. So instead of escaping across the ground it panicked and got chased up one of our trees where it sat about 12-feet up for about 15 minutes thoroughly skeptical of my invitations to come down while simultaneously and incessantly being tormented by a momma hummingbird who was none to happy to find such an unwelcome guest so near her nest.

While there’s a tendency to freak out about cats being stuck up in such unfamiliar places, the feline eventually proved itself entirely able to get down without any human interference. Once upon the ground and with Jiggy as a highly intrigued escort it made its way to the safety of the backyard next door, as captured via my iPhone: