January 23 was the date of our last significant rainfall, though in the past week or so there had been a couple of extremely under-achieving systems that skirted Los Angeles, neither of which delivered unto our Silver Lake backyard anything in the way of measurable wetness. Literally: when I checked both times there wasn’t enough water in the glass to completely cover the bottom of it. Weak.

As such, the precipitometer was severely and desperately dehydrated leading up to yesterday’s afternoon event, which thankfully managed to wring out a much-needed (but still paltry) 5/8ths of an inch (0.625″) before it moved on out.

Los Angeles’ official totals for the season are very low, not even up to six inches yet, which pales in comparison to what’s accumulated here: Season-to-date total: 18.156″.

While the city certainly needs more, I’m happy to report that none is predicted to fall on my Watts Happening Ride this Saturday. Indeed, the forecast calls for picture-perfect bicycling weather: temps in the low/mid 60s and sunny.