While doing some yardwork this past weekend I watched in amazement as our momma Anna’s hummingbird (see her at her nest in the backyard Victorian box tree feeding her two chicks) took a break away from her ever-demanding — and growing — babies by visiting the tabletop fountain I’d made a while ago¬†(from an old recirculating pump that pushes water in a cascade down two old watering cans) to quench her thirst and clean up a bit.

The next day, I set up my GoPro cam in front of the fountain and with my fingers crossed left it alone to record a repeat performance of what I hoped was the bird’s morning routine. Sure enough, here she is: first chasing off a yellow-rumped warbler that had dropped in for a sip, and then adorably going to town on the edge of the smaller watering can.

I don’t think it’s that often one gets to see such an extended display (it certainly isn’t for me), much less capture it on camera, so I’m doubly thrilled to have seen it and to share it: