Outta the 230s

It’s a bit like a long-distance swimmer cheering himself on for passing a milestone that’s still miles away from the finish, but so what. Twenty-three days in to my latest round of nutritional hyper-awareness, one that started with me at 234.8 pounds March 1 (but then jumped up to 236.8 on March 3 and stayed there for a couple days), has finally seen me drop out of the 230s for the first time this morning to 229.6. So depending on the date/weight, I’ve lost either 5.2 pounds in 23 days, or 7.2 in 21. The first one’s the “official” measure, of course, but I reeeally like the look of that second one.

And yeah, I know only too fully well the seesaw effect could swing me back up to that oh-so-familiar territory tomorrow or the next, but every new low point is a new high point.

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