Silver Lake Stormwatch: March 25

Just by yesterday’s much-need storm itself, March distinguished itself from January and February by doubling the number of measurably wet days over those previous two months — and yesterday’s meant business. It was also a storm somewhat unique in that didn’t get started pouring until near the noon hour and then lasted well past 10 p.m., with some pretty intense cells passing over our Silver Lake backyard during that interval. But there wasn’t much in the way of thunder or lightning that had been anticipated, at least not in our area of the city.

In the end, our waterlogged backyard precipitometer logged water that fell to the tune of 3.167 inches for that period, for a seasonal total (begun back in October) of 23.323 inches. That amount is more than three times the official Los Angeles tally (somewhere around seven inches), and my only guess as to why the vast difference is because of where we might be situated on a west-facing (if not at all prominent) hillside.

Whatever the reason behind the over achievement, it’s very much appreciated.