Silver Lake Stormwatch: April 11

I’m calling this one the “quiet storm,” and I was fully doubting its strength. It was clear skies at sunset as I skeptically tarped the tortoise hutch and hammock, and while it clouded up as the evening progressed, the rain didn’t start until well after we went to bed last night.

And it landed seemingly so gently that when I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and found the ground only dampened I figured the anticipated meteorological event had been overblown — at least until I went outside and much to my surprise I saw that the backyard precipitometer registered 2.5 inches of rainfall.

It wasn’t a storm, it was a shhhhhhhhhtorm. And it didn’t linger. Though forecasts called for rain throughout the morning, there wasn’t nothing more than  an occasional misting. Sure, it might regroup and drop some more water on us before the day is through, and if so I’ll update any measurable addition.

Season total: 26.07 inches.