Double Digits

I’ve only been at this diet thing for just short of seven weeks, but it seems like forever since I enjoyed the drop to 225.4. OK, so it was March 28 when that happened, but the three weeks since have had me spending more time above that milestone than at it.

Well, yesterday (and again today) finally found me at 224.2, which is a new milestone in that I’ve finally lowered myself into double-digit weight loss. I’m down 10.6 pounds from the 234.8 I tipped the scale at the start of my first phase March 1.

I’m not going to crow about it too loudly, because odds are the way I fluctuate the next couple weeks will find me back up three pounds than down one then up two then down none then up one-half then down two-thirds, but hopefully by the time the finish line arrives May 1 if I’m not at my goal of 220 I’ll be close.

Then from there I’ll be aiming for 215 by June 6.