Mass Transit: Four Shots Of Venus On The Move

You know me, if some sort of celestial event is visible from my front porch, I’m all over it with my spotting scope and something to project it on, and today’s transit of Venus across the face of the sun was amazing to behold (and pretty difficult to photograph): Here’s the four shots I gots (click to enlarge them):

3:35 p.m. Venus is there on my thumb
4:11 p.m.
5:47 p.m.: This one might be of interest to any palmistry buffs since I serendipitously found the dot of Venus sitting squarely on my heartline.
6:28 p.m.: This one's the most detailed in that it in addition to Venus, there's a fair number of black bits near the center of the sun that I'm guessing are sunspots.