Streetfiti Case No. 2345-1a

Almost eight years I’ve walked, biked, jogged past this, and only last week did it finally catch my eye on a slab of concrete bridging the parkway between the sidewalk and the curb down near the south end of our block (click it for the bigger picture):

At first I thought it read “Campbell’s,” but upon closer inspection and with Susan’s help we deciphered it out as “Campislia Oct 1925.”

1925 makes sense. That’s a key year in the block’s history when both the street and sidewalks were paved. Perhaps the original owners of the building on the corner this sits in front of DIY’d the parkway slab.

Whoever did it 86 years ago, it beats the previous record holder for freehand streetfiti in the neighborhood by 8 years — a 1933 scrawl in a driveway apron another block south.