Weight, Weight — Don’t Tell Me

Well, I’ve finally come through a static period that truly tried this dieter’s patience. I hit my lowest low — 210.4 pounds — back on July 11, only to yo-yo above that mark until this morning when I stepped on the scale to finally! break through that barrier and achieve a new low weight of 209.o pounds (and pass the total loss milestone of 25 pounds).

The positive I take away from getting to this new point — and oh-so-veeeeery close to my goal of 208 by August 9 — is that even with a reduction in dedicated physical activity (hardly any bike riding and even less jogging this last couple weeks), as long as I stay the course calorically, the scale will eventually tip further downward in my favor.

If I don’t increase the exercising, the lengths of those eventualities will only get longer as I creep closer to my ultimate goal of 195, but there’s to be much more activity in my immediate future. As my first module of training ends this week, I will be ramping up the jogging, cycling and calisthenics in an attempt to get less unprepared for the next module of training set to begin August 22, which will see a huge increase in the amount of physical activity involved.

In the words of one of our instructors: You are going to hurt.