Tortoise As Teacher

To break the monotony of her 5’x5′ backyard hutch, I’ll let our Russian tortoise Buster out to explore. But contrary to what you might think about tortoises being slow, I have to keep an eye on her when she’s out because she moves often with a purpose and at a pretty good clip, for a tortoise, at least (seriously, there have been times where I’ve let her out of my sight for a couple minutes and I come back and she’s nowhere near where I last saw her).

Anyway… in this clip, Buster attempts to cross over a line of river rocks in the backyard and in doing so teaches two very important lessons about perseverance, which is the hallmark of Chelonian species who’ve been persevering on this planet from more than 200 million years:

  1. If at first you fail, do it again, and if you fail again, do it again
  2. No matter how ill-equipped we may seem to be, we can overcome obstacles before us.