Timelapse: Voting On Election Day

If I didn’t have other errands to run I’d’ve just walked the half-block to our polling place, but since I had to go to Glendale, I hit the start button on my handlebar-mounted GoPro, hopped on the bike and made casting a ballot my first stop, where I was pleased to find myself waiting behind about 10 other voters ahead of me. You’ll never hear me complain about having to wait in a line to vote. It fires me up to see members of the local electorate fired up enough to make me have to stand around a few extra minutes.

As I moved up, others fell in behind me. I asked if it was OK to bring my bike inside and a volunteer said sure. And though I thought I’d shut off my cam, it turns out it kept recording my neighbors and me (in the black knickers shirt and backpack) doing our duty as citizens. Kinda nice to have a physical record of it. I even had the pleasure of helping out a first-time voter in the booth next to me who was unsure how to put the ballot in the voting machine and asked for my help.