Silver Lake Storm(s)watch: December 26


Let’s call this one a three-fer. This latest trio of storms came in for their respective landings one after the other like planes lined-up on approach to LAX. The first one on Saturday night/Sunday morning delivered a weak 3/16ths of an inch to our Silver Lake property and since the forecasts were calling for more and soon, I just left the backyard precipitometer alone and let the second system that arrived on Christmas Eve eve/Christmas Eve add to it. And in fact, it did quite an exceptional job, ending up 3/16ths of an inch short of two inches. Then came the final act last night to this morning that raised the water level a wee bit shy of the 2-3/4 inches mark, which for the three successive storms between Saturday night and this morning I’m officially calling 2.72″, pushing us well into double-digit land for the season.

December 22, 24, & 26: 2.72″
Season Total: 10.91″