Silver Lake Stormwatch: January 6

rainfall0106Can’t say this storm took me by surprise. I’d read that it was coming on Sunday, I just made the mistakes of 1) assuming it would  later today than sooner, and 2) not doing a weather check before turning in… which I blame on being completely exhausted after my first full Saturday back into my public safety training, the final six-month-long module of which began this past Wednesday.

So when I woke up and saw everything was wet this morning I shook my head at having battened nary a hatch as well as failing to tarp up the hammock and tortoise hutch. Sorry, Buster!

Thanking the weather gawdz for small favors, thing could’ve been a lot wetter and worse if it had been more than the half inch and change of rain that had fallen onto our backyard during the night. Coincidentally, the first rainfall of 2013 was juuust enough to put is into 13″ for the season.

January 6: .55″
Season Total: 13.03″