Silver Lake Stormwatch: February 19

photoCan’t say the meteorologists didn’t warn me. They certainly didn’t up-play the potential rainfall yesterday’s very cold storm might drop. Still, given how it was a-brewing aaaaaall day long and how our backyard for whatever reason tends to be the beneficiary of rainfall totals greater than the average, I harbored hopes there might be a drenching, up until I dashed them in the late afternoon when nary more than the occasional sprinkle had sprunkled. Or is it sprankled?

By this morning the distant San Gabriel ridges visible from our Silver Lake bedroom were dusted nicely with the white stuff, but as for the wet stuff closer to home, our precipitometer tabulated less than one-third of an inch — officially: 0.30″ — not near close to the minimal amount needed to move us upward into the next inch mark.

February 19: 0.30″Season Total: 16.87″