Backyard Workout: First Set Of Ten

With the scheduled physical training component of my public safety training coming to a close, it’s time to open up on my own and be my own drill instructor (minus the yelling). So I set out this morning to do a three-station set of simple and effective exercises: jump rope (100 reps), sit-ups (25 reps) and push-ups (15 reps), followed by 60 seconds of recovery before doing it again.

Times 10. It took about 30 minutes and succeeded in getting my pulse rate elevated while working my lower, mid and upper body:

A half-hour after I started this first set, I’dcranked out 1,000 jump rope reps, 250 sit-ups and 150 push-ups… just the kind of warm-up I needed to for  2.5-mile jog.

I swear I’m beginning to like this stuff.