Silver Lake Stormwatch: May 5-6


My iPhone’s weather app is still trumpeting the possibility of a scattered shower or two throughout the day and even into the night, but it seems a remote possibility, any amount of which might be added to our backyard precipitometer would at best be negligible.

So as things stand this morning, the total from what’s been dubbed the “Miracle May” storm (and the first measurable rainfall around these here parts since March 8) that helped firefighters contain the regional conflagrations that were in various stages of control, stands at 1.625 inches. That surprising amount pushed that which hath fully fallen on our Silver Lake backyard this entire rainy season well up past the 20-inch mark — a far cry more than what’s fallen on the city’s official rain catchers.

And not a moment to soon, since that season ends at the end of June, and until yesterday Los Angeles was officially on track to record its fourth driest season since records started being kept back in 1877. Now it’s the sixth most-parched with an official total of 5.84.”

May 5-6: 1.625″
Season Total: 20.695″