Masses Asses Trump Rump

Those recognizing manipulation when they see it laugh Donald Trump’s high-profile antics off and expect that the majority of us will too.

I think that’s terribly apathetic, or at the least shortsighted.

It brings to mind a nasty and manipulative period in California’s history roughly about 12 years ago when juuuuuust enough Californians did little more than laugh off the potential success of the Rep. Darrell Issa-bankrolled recall attempt of Gov. Gray Davis as inconceivable (including first and foremost the dismissive Davis administration in its entirety) only to ultimately wake up the day after the election to find that the majority of voters massaged into being really angry and wanting change without really knowing what change they wanted did go to the polls and ended up not only ousting a sitting California governor for the first time in the state’s history (and primarily for the “crime” increasing vehicle license fees) but putting our great state into the hands of one functionally incompetent Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You think “President Trump” is impossible? That such an outcome might happen in goofy California but no way can happen with the country as a whole? You may be right, but do the country a favor and be right by doing something to ensure that outcome.

My point is people need to recognize the inflammatory kneejerk rhetoric and tactics and respond not just by getting baited into anger but instead by ignoring the idiocy, dealing in facts, and becoming proactive in the process. If the best you’re planning to do is sit around waxing about your firm belief in the common goodness and decency and intelligence of the masses you could wake up in a couple of Novembers reading headlines that just the thought of make my blood run cold.