Angels Flight’s 121st Birthday

Since last summer I’ve had a side-gig as a Saturday operator of the #AngelsFlight Railway downtown. It’s truly a privilege to be directly associated and involved with this Los Angeles landmark. New Year’s Eve was the historic funicular’s 121st birthday (first day of operation was December 31, 1901) and to celebrate it during my shift Saturday I donned a turn-of-the-century straw boater hat (that I’ve probably had for a quarter century and literally NEVER worn in public (beyond baseball caps I’m not really a hat guy). To memorialize things, I also set up my GoPro cam inside the station house and the result is this old-timey timelapse of a couple hours of me and my hat taking care of business. I hope you enjoy it, and Happy New Year.

What’s not shown in the above video is the crazy amount of time I spent the night before frustratingly failing to relearn that oh so perishable skill of tying a bow tie, so that I could pair that neckwear with the hat for a little more bygone-era fashion authenticity.

Well if at first you don’t succeed, try again. And on New Year’s Day I made it my resolution to sooner or later successfully configure a bow tie, dammit. Thankfully it came sooner than later for after a few tries I succeeded, as shown in what may be my regular shift uniform instead of one I only wear on special occasions. Happy New Year!