Perhaps ya know by now I’m not into clean, even-numbered mileage milestones when it comes to my bikings. Still, regardless of the odd number involved I’ll usually dismount and snap a photo of Bigfoot’s odometer.

Not yesterday morning.

I was cutting it close both to being late to work and for the last digit to change to 7 so instead I ducked my head down in hopes my helmetcam would on-the-fly memorialize the four-of-a-kind’er.

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For the record Mile No. 1 occurred on our very first glorious ride back in the latter part of April 2019, and 11 months later I was threatening to top 3,000 — 2,657 to be exact. Then came the Covid and for that next 20 months between lock downs, working remotely, and being overly cautious about my health and safety, my mileage was a big fat zero. I finally got back on the bike about a week into November 2021 and this last 19 months has brought me to 6666.

And by the way, that’s not counting the more than 1,000 miles I’ve put commuting with my wife’s ebike during those times Bigfoot had been offline.

Four years may have elapsed in total, but when you break it down, I’ve gotten to this point in about 2.5 years. It may be a far cry from the 6,000 miles per year I used to log on my regular bikes, but it’s still nothing at which to sneeze.

From a monetary perspective, keeping that 6,666 miles off of my truck’s odometer equates to roughly $1,700 not going into its gas tank (not to forget all those emissions NOT going into the air we breathe). In other words, Bigfoot, who cost me $1,200 and is worth every penny, has already paid for herself and then some.