Morning Snap: Trees Sky Venus Moon

A ridiculously hyper-stylized iPhone image snapped during our walk with Ranger this dawn, captured from LaFayette Park Place looking northeast, with the moon and Venus even closer than yesterday morning.

Morning Snap: Lousy Pic Of A Lovely Row

Out in the backyard this morning to let Ranger out for a pee, I found Venus, the Moon and Jupiter aligned across the northeastern skies and fading into the dawn’s early light. Having skeptically snapped it with my iPhone I was later surprised to find all three visible (Jupiter, barely) in the image, annotated for your viewing enjoyment (click it for the slightly bigger picture):

  • Moon: 239,000 miles away
  • Venus: 25.8 million miles away
  • Jupiter: 390.6 million miles away

Morning Snap: Beauty & The Beast

(click it for the bigger picture)

The high concentration of rainfall in December followed by a condensed cold snap that gave way to the present warm-up conspired to trigger a lot of the backyard foliage — including our callalily –  into blooming early, perhaps sensing winter had come and gone and spring was here. I snapped the newest of its three  flowers this morning as it hosting a visiting fly.

Morning Snap: Breakfast

I would be a lousy wildlife photographer. No patience. Fortunately in the case of catching hummingbirds at our front porch feeder, I didn’t need to have the level of inner peace that would typically be required by a professional. Still even standing at the camera for even a couple minutes taxes me — at least until this happens (click it for the bigger picture):

Now it’s on to a quick trip to the hardware store before parking myself in front of the TV to find out who’s going to the big dance. Personally, I’m hoping the single syllable teams beat the double syllable ones. In other words: Bears beat the Packers, and Jets top the Steelers.

Morning Snap: 5:23 a.m.

I’m a chronic early riser. For the year since the upstairs renovation was completed this wall of what we know call the landing room (our former bedroom) is what I would find coming down our new stairs — or rather a fully darkened version of it.

But last week after suggesting to Susan we find a way to illuminate it, I then shuffled around some lamps, put this red-shaded one there on the phone table and in the days since have not only appreciated being able to see where I’m going a little better, but I’ve also admired the play of light and shadow and color that’s greeted me on my way down, enough so that with iPhone in hand I stopped and snapped the scene.

Morning Snap: Ballona Creekside

The biggest joy I get from wearing my videocam sunglasses isn’t the capture of footage demonstrating bad road behavior. Rather it’s the mundane scenes they record in passing, moments otherwise forgotten that instead I get to faux up and celebrate.

Oooooooooo! Art Project! Taking a page from my friend Stephen’s book when he posted lakeside prints of the much-mourned and long-gone lotusflower of Echo Park Lake’s lagoon, I wouldn’t be surprised if the occaional still doesn’t start showing up, staked out in the vicinities of where they were snapped!

Morning Snaps: Yard Flora

These five cactus pads were rescued as tiny sprouts a from a single dying pad (its remains visible on the right side of the pot) that had disconnected from the main plant. I’m particularly fond of the  exulting “arms” the pad in the middle has grown.

After Saturday’s rains, this tiny forest of mushrooms sprang up literally overnight.

One of my favorite signs of spring, this little flowering plant beneath the behemoth bougainvillea to the north of the front steps blooms annually, but usually only with one or two flowers. This year thanks to the increased rains it got an early jump and is really putting on a show.

Speaking of getting an early start, the backyard stand of callalilies has wasted no time making its presence known.